Easy to use

For all kinds of sensors

Multiple communication protocols

Resource rich platforms



To speed up and simplify the development of internet of things solutions, Irideon is developing the following Senscape® hardware and software products:

A range of host boards for all kinds of sensors, featuring multiple communication interfaces and power supply configurations.
Cloud and mobile-based applications which can be easily used to create customized solutions.
Accessories such as housings, batteries, battery chargers, etc.
Online documentations and support.

Customizable; from the physical hardware to the online user interface.


Suits a wide range of applications.

Helps simplify and accelerate your IoT development.


The development of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions using conventional approaches is complex and time consuming due to the lack of common architectures and languages, and the widespread use of non-standard, proprietary interfaces and sensor data formats.

To address this, Irideon has developed Senscape®, a modular, standards-based platform for Internet of Things (IoT) sensor applications. Senscape® is a product for professionals which provides tools to develop new marketable Internet of Things (IoT) sensor applications with ease. Irideon can also provide customized solutions based on Senscape®.

Advantages of the Senscape development environment:



A modular, end-to-end, standards-based solution to connect sensors to the cloud.

Hardware platforms

Senscape runs on a wide range of static and mobile platforms, ranging from simple microcontrollers to high performance ARM processors, providing multiple two-way communications.

Smartphone integration

Senscape links with smartphones: to provide an additional gateway to the cloud; fuse smartphone sensor information; and to provide off-line data processing capabilities and persistent storage.


The Senscape framework accommodates hardware and software extensions to provide new functionality.

Plug-&-Work sensors

Automatic identification, configuration and operation of analog and digital sensors.

Connecting sensors to the cloud in a snap!

Instant applications

Helps developers and users to create a wide range of outstanding sensor applications quickly, and with ease.


Senscape cloud-based applications allow you to easily gather data from sensors and hardware platforms, and to visualize data as desired.


Senscape brings together companies, researchers and developers with different skills, involvement, and degrees of technical expertise.

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