Internet of things -IoT-

The Internet of Things (IoT) is based on networks of low-cost sensors and actuators. Machinery, shipments, infrastructure, and devices are now being equipped with IoT functionality to monitor their environment, report their status, receive instructions, and even take actions based on the information they receive. Individuals may also wear sensor-enabled devices, e.g. to monitor their vital signs or the environment.

IoT systems comprise:


Sensors and smart devices – often mobile

Communications – often wireless
IoT platforms, which provide communication between the devices and a central server, enabling the transfer, management and visualization of data
More than 14 billion devices are currently connected to the Internet, and this is expected to rise to 50 billion within ten years. Key markets for IoT applications include: agro-food (including irrigation, supply chain, and quality control), environment (including monitoring of air, water and soil conditions and quality) along with infrastructure, industry, energy, health, building management, and transport.

Irideon and its partners are developing Senscape®, a modular, standards-based platform to simplify and speed-up the development of IoT sensor solutions.

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