With AVIA-GIS (Zoersel , Belgium) we are developing Smart Mosquito Traps (VECTRACK project). These traps will automatically link to the VECMAP software package of AVIA-GIS through a wireless network. The combination of VECTRACK and VECMAP will allow VECMAP users to save up to 80% on sampling costs. This partner is part of the group with whom we develop FARSEER, the next generation early warning systems for vector-borne diseases.
ERGO (Oxford, UK) leads many Pan-European projects on vector-borne diseases (EDEN, VBORNET, VECTORNET). ERGO provided the spatial modelling component of VECMAP and this is also a critical part of FARSEER.
BPI (Athens, Greece) developed the Mosquito Weather Index. They are currently exploring how this index can be combined with mosquito population dynamics models as part of FARSEER.
CSIC and UPF (Barcelona, Spain) developed MOSQUITO ALERT a unique citizen science approach to map invasive mosquitoes. Together with AVIA-GIS, ERGO and BPI we are developing FARSEER, the next generation early warning system for vector-borne diseases.

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